How we can protect our pets in the heat

     With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, the worry of our pets overheating in the hot sun can be a burden to some people.  To ensure that your pets can still enjoy the warm summer sun as much as we do, there are steps that we can take as pet owners to keep our pets health in mind.


  • If your pets spend a great deal of time outside. Make sure that there is plenty of fresh water that they can access throughout the day. Dehydration can happen very quickly in pets and when it’s hot and humid outdoors (or indoors for that matter) it can become a major concern.


  • Keep walks and exercise to a minimum when the sun is at its peak during the day. Over exercising can lead to exhaustion and fainting.  


  • Be aware of signs and symptoms of overheating in pets. Some of these signs include an increased heart rate, excessive painting and difficulty breathing. It can also be associated with a body temperature above 104 and also vomiting.


  • Do not ever leave your pet in a parked vehicle. Not only is this extremely dangerous for your pets, but it is also illegal in a lot of states!


  • Be mindful of hot surfaces. When the temperatures raise, the asphalt can become extremely hot and even burn your pets paw pads. (Pet Caress Paw and Nose balm is a great treatment for rough paws due to prior damage!)
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