Testimonial - Tara
" "I just had to write and thank you for the Itch-be-gone balm and shampoo. I have been using these products for a year on my Maltese, Tiara with amazing results. Tiara is allergic to flea bites and would scratch her skin raw for several days with accompanying hair loss and skin irritation. I now bath her in the Itch-be-gone shampoo and apply the balm to the bite area. Immediately after use, Tiara is comfortable and all scratching stops. There is no skin damage or hair loss. A problem that we have suffered with for years is now solved. Thank you so much! - Cher M. "
Testimonial - Lucy
" "We love our Lab, Lucy, and just accepted her shedding as part of having a Lab. Approximately a year ago, we were introduced to your Shed Control shampoo and balm. Lucy loves her bath and we take several minutes each day to massage in the balm. Lucy really enjoys her daily massage. The shedding is dramatically reduced. Our housekeeper loves Lucy and she really appreciates your product too. Our floors are much easier to maintain now that Lucy's shedding is under control. Fabulous product!! Thank you, - Shellie S. "
Testimonial - Mara & Jessie
" "Our family of five absolutely loves the Pet Caress product line, especially the no shed shampoo. Our dog Jessie looks beautiful, is happy; and my wife Mara is very pleased with the profound lack of dog hair on the furniture at home. We all personally recommend these products to any pet lover, especially those that have a big family and “shedding issues”. Thank you, - Mark C. "
Testimonial - Val's Cats
" "After using Pet Caress Itch-B-Gone Soothing Balm for 8 days on my cats hot spots, the redness is completely gone, the hair is growing back, and he is not biting/itching at the affected areas. I have tried several different products from my local pet store to try and heal these 2 reoccurring hot spots, but none were effective and my cat just kept biting at his skin. I applied the Itch-B-Gone Balm product twice per day to the inflamed skin and began to notice healing within 3 days of use. Not only has this cream healed my cats hot-spots, but it has also left his dry skin feeling softer all over. It is truly a miracle healing cream. Thanks! - Valerie H. "
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