4th of July tips for your furry friends

This 4th of July, while you are preparing for your parties make sure you think of your pets. Some of these activities can actually be dangerous to your pets, but if you take the necessary steps, you can keep them safe and sound.

It is very common for an animal to be afraid of fireworks. The loud noise can sometimes spook the animal causing them to run away and possibly even get injured. Your pet can also get burned by falling embers from the fireworks. For a general rule, it is safest to keep your pets inside during 4th of July fireworks so that you can avoid an unwanted accident.

If you are planning on throwing a party at your house this 4th of July, make sure to keep these few things in mind. First, be aware that certain foods can actually be harmful to your pets. Alcohol, chocolate, and bones from chicken wings and other meats have the potential to do harm to your pets. You can find a complete list of potentially harmful foods for your pets on the ASPCA website. It is also smart to make sure that your pets have a nice quiet room that they can relax in if the party gets too loud and overwhelming for them. Lastly, be sure to keep an eye on the doors around the house. Guest coming in and out of the house can sometimes leave a door open giving your pet the opportunity to run out and possibly get lost.

The Heat
Make sure to take the heat into consideration when thinking of your pet this 4th of July. Not only should you always have a fresh bowl of water available, but you should also keep in mind that driveways and sidewalks can be very dangerous for your pets. The heat can cause burns on your pet’s paws without you even knowing. Never ever, leave your pet inside a vehicle. The temperature within can rise to over 100 degrees within minutes causing your pet to have a stroke from overheating.

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