Are Your Pets Prepared for a Hurricane?

With hurricane season well under way, making sure you and your pets are safe and together during a possible evacuation is very important.  Being prepared is always key with any expected or unexpected natural disaster that may arise.  If you are required to evacuate during a hurricane, make sure you never leave your pets behind.  Under stress, your pets could run away because of fear and can even be trapped, injured or worse if exposed to the hazards that come along with these disasters. 

Have a plan

Planning ahead is extremely important.  A couple things that you can do to plan ahead are as follows:

-Make sure you have your pet microchipped.  Getting your pet microchipped is a permanent way to identify your pets. Make sure that you keep address and phone number up to date as this will be how you are contacted if your pet is found.

-Have a pet emergency kit. Make sure to include shot and vet records, as shot records are required for most shelters during an emergency. 

-Always have a backup plan.  Contact a friend or relative that lives out-of-town so that in the event you need to evacuate, you have another option. 

Research ahead of time

-Locate pet friendly shelters.  Your local city will have a list of shelters that you will be able to take your pet to.  Not every shelter is pet friendly, so knowing ahead of time which ones are is key. 

-Have an emergency route planned out in advance

-Be familiar with pet friendly hotels in the area or along your evacuation route

-Make sure you locate a veterinarian in the area where you will be temporarily relocated in case something happens and your pet will need medical care. 

Items to remember when you and your pet are evacuating

-Any medications your pet may be taking

-Shot records

-Health records

-Rabies and information tag

-Crate and leash if possible

-Litter and litter box for cats

-Food and water

-Bedding and a favorite toy or two

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