Bring Your Dog to Work, But Make Sure to Bathe Him First!

As Americans, it is no secret that we love our pets. In 2015 alone, $60.28 billion was spent on our pets, and we spent our hard earned cash because our furry friends make us smile multiple times a day. But have you ever wondered what your pet is up to while you are at work? Do you feel guilty that your dog is home alone for eight hours a day? Could you use a boost during that 3 o'clock slump? Well, go make an appointment to talk to your boss because you should consider bringing your dog to work with you. Dogs in the workplace can bring many benefits to not only you but the office as a whole. Here are some benefits of bringing your dog to work.  

 They Help Reduce Stress  

No matter how you are feeling, your dog is right beside you, smiling and wagging their tail. Numerous research studies have shown that bringing your dog to work reduces overall stress levels of an office. After all, if you just got out of a hectic meeting and have your pup at your desk waiting for you it is easy to have your stress melt away. Plus less stress equals a higher productivity!  

 Lower Rate of Absenteeism  

Who hasn't woken up on a Friday wishing you can stay all day in bed with your dog? Well when you are able to bring your dog to work, you are less likely to call in sick as your dog is right by your side every day!  

 Increased Camaraderie  

There is nothing like a dog to break the ice between you and less than friendly coworkers. Dogs bring happiness and joy to many who see them, which leads to more conversations around the office. You have a built-in talking point, so use it! Chances are, your dog will like all the cuddles as well.  

 Stimulates Creativity  

Bringing your dog to work establishes a creative company that isn't afraid to step outside the box. Having dogs allows for 'puppy breaks' that can help a worker stimulate creative thinking as they will be experiencing a break from the monotony of their day. But first, before you bring your dog to work, grab that pet shampoo and groom them! Almost 40% of dogs are affected by fleas, so the last thing you want is there to be a flea outbreak in your office! Pet Caress is the perfect place to stock up on all your grooming supplies for both dogs and cats. They carry natural pet products including all natural pet shampoo that will help treat anything from cat skin allergies, skin irritations on dogs, and hot spot treatments for dogs. So order some pet shampoo and get to scrubbing, your office will thank you! 

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