Doggies Day Out


     Do you ever stop to think about how much our pets do for us? We can’t deny the amount of unconditional love they give us and for some of us, they are more than just a part of our family…they are our only family that is only a caress away. And yet, many times we dedicate minimal time for them and don’t always give them the time, care and attention they deserve! When their humans “pamper them”, pets are quick to respond with even more LOVE! I not talking about clay masks or saunas, but I am talking about healthy and exciting outings that will get those tails wagging and bring out purrs galore.

While you are away

          Many dog owners are getting away from the traditional dog boarding facilities because they don't want to think about their dogs kept in cages while they are out on vacation or travel. So, what if I told you there was another option? There is…doggie day spas!

Some of these Paw Spaws even include grooming packages with facial and paw-dicure upgrades. You can also find spas that offer field trips to the beach or even a mountain excursion. Gone are the days of your beloved pooch sleeping in cages while you are gone. You can now find options of large playgrounds for your pet to explore, and areas where you can find your dog and their new friends laying and sleeping together in puppy piles.

     If you are up for doing a little companion fun, there are even camps designed specifically for your dog that include walks, swimming, and even special social activities for you to enjoy. Imagine the comfort of knowing your dog was having a blast playing fetch, exploring, and making friends while you are learning special communication skills to be able to speak in a language your dog understands. You can choose from camps with special focuses, styles, and activities so you know your pet will have the best possible time.

Working on our fitness

There is more to the life of a dog than living in a purse or sitting around eating treats all day. Dogs are meant to work hard, and in most cases, play even harder. There are experience day options for your pets like swimming in nice pools and running through fields…turning puppy dreams into reality!

Doggy day camps aren’t only designed to exercise the body of your pet, but also the mind. Many dogs don’t get the mental exercise needed to develop healthy relationships. Exploring new areas and working in a pack can help develop your pups brain and keep them happy and healthy.

Say this with me, “ Sit…. Stay…. SPAW!”

New do… For your dog

If you are looking to have a little fun for yourself with your pet, grooming spas are now offering dye jobs for your pet’s fur.  Can you imagine a pink tipped tail, or a green mohawk? Groomers can now dye your pets with a safe, non-toxic dye.

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