Grooming Your Pet: What Your Groomer Would Say

Where would we be without our pets? Our pets make our world go round; they bring happiness and joy to our daily life. The majority of pet owners say their pet makes them smile more than once a day, and 1 million pets have even been elevated to the status of being named the primary beneficiary in their owner's will!

We spend a lot on our pets. In 2015, the nation spent $60.28 billion. A good majority of that is on grooming, making your furry friend's coat look and feel its best. In order to save some money in pet care costs, follow some of these pet groomer insider tricks. Grab your pet shampoo and get to washing! 

It Is All In The Preparation 

Your pet needs to be groomed. There's no getting around that fact. So it is best to prepare them to be handled and wet from the time they're small. The goal is to make your pet comfortable with being touched, whether it be on the tail, paws, belly, or neck. 

This is especially important for when they get their nails cut, as there is a vein that runs through the nails. If snipped, it can be painful.

Brush, Brush, Brush 

Your animal needs to have regular coat maintenance. Think of it this way: you brush your hair every day, so why don't you brush your pets? 

Additionally, when you start grooming their hair from a young age, there will be less of a chance their fur will become matted. No one wants to deal with matted fur on their pet, so keeping the hair tangle free is the key.

Check Feet and Ears 

Sometimes, debris and dirt can get stuck in the ears and on their paws. This can cause discomfort, so make sure to regularly check, especially after walks or playing outside.

Stay Calm 

Bathing your animal can be an anxiety-ridden experience for everyone involved if not done correctly. If you get nervous or apprehensive, your pet will pick up on that and cause everyone distress.

Before you start grooming, make sure to pick up some all natural pet shampoo. Natural pet shampoo can relieve cat skin allergies, itchy skin in dogs, and you will know with confidence that you are not using harmful chemicals and toxins on your pet!

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