Happy Cat Month: All About a New Kitten

It’s September, which means it’s also Happy Cat Month! Here at Pet Caress we love animals, and during this Happy Cat Month, we encourage you to head to your local animal shelter to adopt a cuddly kitten to call your own! Don’t enter into this commitment blindly – there are a few steps you need to take to prepare your home for your new little ball of joy to make sure both you and your kitten are happy.

Whether this is your first feline friend, or you are a seasoned cat lover, you’re going to need to get the basics. A litter box for your new kitten is key, and we like to suggest a fragrance free, all-natural litter to ensure that your new kitten won’t have any allergic reactions. You will also need to grab a water and food dish for the new kitten, as well as plenty of toys to help keep him or her entertained. Perhaps the most important purchase for your new kitten the food – you will need to get a kitten specific formulation that has all the nutrients a growing cat needs to be healthy.

Your new kitten will be overwhelmed with their new living situation, so it is important that you find a place in your home to make the kitten feel safe. The new kitten likely won’t be much of an explorer right off the bat, but given time and a safe environment, they will come right around. It’s a great idea to leave the carrier you brought the kitten home in in a small room or closet along with the kitten’s litter box. The carrier can act as a bed, and the kitten won’t have to leave the secure area to use the bathroom. Leave the door cracked so that when they are ready they can take the plunge.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when prepping your home for a new kitten is that it is a cat and it will get into and on top of everything. Zip tie extra long cords into a bundle to prevent it from looking too enticing to the kitten. Remove draping blankets or frilly pillows from your furniture, or they are sure to get torn up! And perhaps of the utmost importance, make sure anything breakable is put away, because the kitten can and will jump onto tables, counters, anything it can reach!

If you follow this advice on how to prepare your home for your newly adopted kitten, you can expect the transition for yourself and the kitten to go much smoother. Just remember, the kitten is going to be scared for a few days before it adapts to the big change in environment. Give it time and let the kitten explore on its own terms, and within very little time you will have a comfortable companion to give you many years of love and joy.

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