Helping Your Pet Cope with Anxiety and Depression During Back to School Time

People and their pets form very strong bonds when it comes to day to day routines.  With back to school happening now, your pets may have a hard time adjusting to the sudden change.  When you’re kids are home during the summer, your pets get used to the constant attention and love that may come along with that.  This sudden change in attention could have an effect on your pet and could lead to depression and even anxiety. 

Some of the signs that your pet may be experiencing some type of depression or anxiety include the following:

  • Starting to chew on personal items.
  • Constant licking or biting of their skin.
  • Barking or Whining in excess.
  • Chewing through walls, floors, or doorways in attempt to escape. 

If not addressed properly, pet separation anxiety or depression can become serious.  Pet Caress recommends trying some of the following tips in order to help your pet cope with a change in schedule and attention:

  • Buy your pet some new toys that will keep them occupied while you are away from the house
  • Exercise your pets before leaving the house so that they may tire out and not have as much energy while you are away. 
  • Keep your routine while at home as close to normal as possible.
  • Start by leaving for short periods of time so that your pet can get used to you leaving and then returning.
  • Think about doggy day camps in your area. 

In some cases, you may need to consult your veterinary professional to obtain additional advice for when it comes to helping your pet cope. 

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