How to Get Your Dog Ready for Summer Fun

Getting your yard ready for summer seems like the most important task on your to-do list, but getting your dog ready is just as essential! Summer is almost here, and so is the sticky heat that comes with it. Walks and diet aside, your pooches need your help to beat the heat. So before you let the dogs out, make sure you follow these tips for getting yours summer ready!  

 Groom, groom, groom  

Thinking about giving your hair a chop to prepare for this coming summer? Your dog is probably thinking the same thing! Taking your dog to the groomer for a nice bath and a trim may seem like pampering, but it could really help your pet out in the heat. Even brushing them daily to get rid of excess fur can help them stay cool! Some dogs, especially those considered to be seniors (over the age of 12), often can't handle the stress of going to the groomer, so it may be best to handle their hair care at home.  

 Clip those nails  

Clipping your dog's nails is essential to maintaining a healthy life during the summer months. If your dog frequents paved roads and sidewalks, then they may need trims less frequently, but odds are that a good romp in the backyard isn't going to wear those claws down very quickly. Staying on top of nail clipping can help avoid paw pain and walking problems for your dogs, as well.  

 Got allergies?  

Allergies can affect up to half of all dogs in the U.S., and the biggest culprits are often fleas. Using all natural dog shampoo for itchy skin can alleviate irritation, but it won't get rid of the allergies. As long as you're aware of your dog's allergies, you should be able to treat them with relative ease. Most allergies have effects on the skin, so investing in dog shampoo for itchy skin is important if you know your dog is irritated frequently. There are over 160 million skin disorders in dogs, so regardless of allergies, all natural pet shampoo is a good choice when grooming. Don't let your dog miss out on any summer fun! By following these tips, your pooch should be ready for the hot weather in no time.


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