How to Give Your Dog a Makeover Just in Time For Summer

Your dog is a reflection of you, so, of course, you want them to look their best at all times! In 2015, over $60 billion was spent on our pets, with almost 6 million spent just on pet grooming and boarding. Now since saving money is always a good idea, why don't you save grooming costs and give your dog a makeover yourself? Grab your arsenal of natural pet products and follow these tips to make your pooch look brand spankin' new.

Scrub a Dub Dub
The first step you should take needs to be with their coat. After a long winter of shedding, your furry friend most likely has scraggly, matted hair that is making him lose his self-confidence. He walks with trepidation when he goes on his daily walk, and you want to put the pep back in his step! So grab some all natural pet shampoo and get to work! Before you get him in the water, take a comb and work your way through the tangles he is rocking, especially near his tummy and neck. Dip him in the tub, making sure you are only using lukewarm water and get to massaging! IF he suffers from dry skin, fleas or any other skin irritations, there is a natural dog shampoo to fix his problems. Don't forget to condition. You will want his soft fur for your nighttime cuddle session!

Clip Nails
Most pets should have their nails trimmed every two to three weeks so their walking isn't compromised. When clipping their nails, make sure to clip at a downward angle, and pay attention to the quick. The quick is a vein that runs through each nail, and can be incredibly painful if cut.

 Brush Teeth
Using a special doggy toothbrush, get to brushing their pearly whites! Different dog approved flavors are available, so you can take your pick from beef, chicken, or even bacon!

Clean Ears and Eyes
No one wants to rub a dog's ears that aren't clean! Use ear wipes to clean out the ears and prevent the formation of yeast infections. Also, make sure to clean out any gunk that is accumulated in the corner of their peepers! So what are you waiting for? Use Pet Caress natural pet products to help your pup look like a million bucks!

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