Happy Cat Month: Adopting an Adult Cat

A sad reality is that animal shelters are always overpopulated. Cats, dogs, reptiles – anything that can be a pet, can end up in an animal shelter. Just like any type of pet can end up in a shelter, a pet of any age can end of in a shelter. For the sake of keeping with the topic of cats, cats of all ages are in shelters across the country. The go-to pick for most people looking to adopt a feline friend are the kittens, while the adult and senior cats often are overlooked. Let’s talk about why adopting an adult cat may be a great option for you!

  1. Training is Minimal. Adult cats have already had a family that they have grown up with and learned the ins and outs with. You shouldn’t have to worry about training the cat how to, well, be a proper cat. Not to say that there may not be some things the cat does that you wish to rectify, but it’s easier to do this with a few things you disagree with rather than training a kitten everything.
  2. The Calmness Factor is High. Kittens are full of craziness, and when they reach adult age, MOST of that craziness is gone. So, if you are a more mellow person, adopting an adult cat is likely much more your speed. If you’re idea of the perfect night is a movie on the couch, an adult cat will be your best companion!
  3. You Know What You’re Getting. Have you ever seen a kitten that isn’t cute? Nope. Neither have we! When a kitten grows into a cat, however, they tend to look a lot different than they did when they were little. We’ve never seen a cat we didn’t like, but what we are saying is that what you see isn’t what you get with a kitten. With an adult cat, that’s it, this is what the cat is going to look like.
  4. They Can Still Have a Lot of Years Ahead of Them. The oldest cat ever on record lived to be nearly 40 years old! While it is highly unlikely that your cat will live to be this old, it is NOT uncommon for indoor cats to live to be 20 years old. If you adopt a cat that is five years old, you could enjoy that cat for a long time to come!
  5. Save Money. All responsible pet owners know the importance of spaying and neutering their animals. The cost of these surgeries as well as aftercare add up. When you adopt a shelter pet, these surgeries are already done, and the small charge is factored into the adoption fee. Most shelter pets are also microchipped!

There you have it, five good reasons why adopting an adult cat may be the best choice for you. Above all these reasons, you are giving the cat another chance at life. Shelter cats don’t have a choice as to where they are, and they don’t understand why they are in the shelter. When you’re ready to get a cat, head to your local animal rescue and find your new best friend. Once you have chosen a cat, head over to www.PetCaress.com to find everything you will need to keep your new feline looking and smelling fresh!

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