Happy Cat Month: If You Could Read Your Senior Cats Mind

Have you noticed that your mature cat doesn’t have as much pep in their step as they used to? It may not just be age slowing them down, the trigger could be discomfort.

Just as do humans, when cats age they are more prone to health problems and may need some extra attention. You may notice that your cat is not as spry as it once was, that playing may slow down, and that your cat is not able to jump as high as it could when it was younger. While it should not be alarming that your cat is not as agile as it once was, if you notice a sudden change, there should be reason for concern. Your cat may be in pain that can be controlled, and your cat may be able to resume the actions that it enjoyed before the pain was present.

It's common knowledge that cats are excellent companions and that there are lots of households that have them. Kittens are fun, cute and playful, and adult cats grow into a personality and habits that we come to know and love. No one likes to watch their cat age – with age comes a decrease in activity as well as changes in behavior – your cat may sleep a lot more as it ages. Before you attribute your cats decrease in activity to just age – consider that there may be something underlying – pain and discomfort. Arthritis is one of the most common health issues in senior cats, and as it does in humans, it causes cats a lot of pain and discomfort in their joints.

Some common signs of joint pain to look for in your cat are if they hesitate to take stairs or onto surfaces. If the cat does make the jump onto the counter, do its back legs come up short? There are quite a few things you can do to rectify the issue of pain in your cat so that they can have as comfortable and happy life as possible.

For starters, continue to give your cat attention and lots of play time. Cats are naturally playful, and this shouldn’t stop just because they are aging. Help your cat out – if they do have arthritis and cannot make jumps as well as they used to, provide some assistance around your house. Place the cat tree next to a low window sill so that they can use the window sill as a first step to jumping in the taller cat tree. Make sure your cat has lots of comfy places to relax.

Do you bathe your cat frequently? Bathing can stress cats out and cause them to overuse their joints and muscles. Cut down on the frequency of baths you are giving your cat to ease their pain. Between baths consider our Pet Caress Odor Control Mist. It helps to control odor and refreshes your cats coat.

Arthritis is irreversible, and if your cat has developed it, it is something they will live with the remainder of their life. Book an appointment with your cat’s veterinary provider to have the situation checked out, and a pain plan put into place.

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